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9 October 2023

12 Impactful Ways of Leadership on Teachers Performance

  • A strong leadership style promotes professional development among teachers.
  • Leadership helps teachers to be autonomous in classroom decisions.


Leadership in educational institutions has a strong and far-reaching impact on teaching staff and, as a result, on educational quality.

Effective leadership can engage, motivate, and help teachers develop professionally and offer high-quality instruction. In contrast, poor leadership can lead to frustration, demotivation, and a reduction in teacher morale. 

Various Ways in Which Leadership Influences Teachers

Here are different areas in which leadership influences teachers performance.

1. Professional Advancement

Strong leadership encourages teachers to continue their professional growth.

Teachers can stay up to speed on the latest teaching methods, curriculum changes, and educational research if school leaders prioritize teacher training, workshops, and access to resources.

2.  Innovation and Growth

inspiring leaders inspire teachers to experiment and take chances in their classrooms. They stimulate professional growth and innovation.

By creating an environment in which teachers feel empowered to experiment with novel instructional tactics and technologies.

3. Motivation

Teachers are inspired and motivated when effective leaders recognize their hard work and dedication. Recognizing and appreciating teachers’ contributions boosts their morale and enthusiasm for their work.

4. Consistency with Educational Objectives

School administrators are accountable for integrating the mission and goals of the school with teachers’ daily practices.

This alignment guarantees that teachers’ contributions help the institution achieve its broader educational goals.

5. Autonomy and Empowerment

Giving teachers autonomy over their classrooms and curriculum develops a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Teachers are more likely to be imaginative and effective in their teaching when they feel trusted and autonomous.


6. Support and Resources

Leadership is critical in procuring resources such as financing, classroom materials, and support staff, all of which are required for teachers to give a high-quality education.

7. Effective Communication 

Leaders who maintain open and transparent lines of communication with teachers create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Effective communication ensures that teachers know important information and feel heard and valued.

8. Alignment with Educational Goals

School leaders are responsible for aligning the school’s mission and goals with the daily practices of teachers.

This alignment ensures that teachers’ efforts contribute to achieving the institution’s broader educational objectives.

9. Professional Collaboration 

Leadership can foster a professional collaborative culture among teachers. Teachers can learn from one another.

share best practices by encouraging collaboration through team meetings, shared planning, and joint projects.

10. Inclusive Education

Effective leadership fosters inclusive education by providing teachers with the knowledge and resources they need to help students with a wide range of needs and abilities.

11. Teacher Well-Being 

Leaders who prioritize teacher well-being contribute to a more productive and healthy teaching workforce.

This includes topics such as work-life balance, mental health support, and professional development opportunities.

12. Student Achievement

The influence of leaders on teachers has a direct impact on student achievement when teachers are encouraged, motivated, and given the proper resources.

they deliver a high-quality education that can enhance students’ academic performance.


Leadership has an indisputable and far-reaching impact on instructors. Leadership that empowers and supports teachers results in a more engaged and motivated teaching workforce.

Teachers are more suited to deliver high-quality education when they feel respected and are given the necessary tools and support, thereby benefiting students and the entire educational community.

Our collective efforts starts now, it begins with you. More on Educational Leadership.


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