From Challenges to Triumph: Inspiring Stories of Special Education Success

10 October 2023

A fascinating insight into SEN: How a mother braved the tech path to assist her child

Welcome back to another enlightening and thought-provoking episode of “In My Kitchen with Yvonne.” In this episode, Yvonne sits down with the incredible Aiesha Bailey, a passionate advocate for special education needs and an inspiring individual who has navigated an extraordinary path despite facing personal challenges. Join us as we delve into the conversation surrounding educational innovation, parental empowerment, and the importance of well-being in our schools.

The Power of Self-Discovery


At the heart of this episode, Aiesha shares her personal journey of self-discovery, highlighting the transformative impact of understanding her dyslexia. She reflects on how she navigated through confusing circumstances until she finally discovered the root cause of her difficulties while applying for a course. Despite the challenges she faced, Aiesha never let her dyslexia define her. Instead, it became the driving force that propelled her to work harder and achieve more in life.

Empowering Parents and Teachers

Throughout the conversation, Yvonne and Aiesha emphasise the need for change in the current education system. Aiesha’s personal experiences as a dyslexic individual and a devoted parent have fueled her dedication to helping others and providing support for children with special needs. Through her Instagram handle, “The Teacher’s Champion,” Aiesha shares strategies, tips, stories, and programs at the Teachers Conseil, offering valuable insights for parents and teachers alike.

Navigating Extraordinary Paths

One captivating analogy used by Aiesha during the episode centres around transportation choices, representing different stages of life. Aiesha reflects on her own journey, from taking the bus to eventually traveling by train and plane, symbolizing her career progress. This analogy beautifully emphasizes the significance of being prepared and ready for each stage of life, adapting your interactions and building relationships along the way. Just as conversations are had while traveling in different modes of transportation, life’s milestones bring opportunities to meet and learn from diverse individuals.

Addressing Mental Health Challenges

Yvonne and Aiesha also tackle the crucial topic of mental health and its impact on students and caregivers. Aiesha speaks from her own experience, sharing how she has supported her son’s anxiety by utilizing various techniques and assembling a supportive team. The conversation sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals with mental health issues, ranging from extreme behaviors to caregiver burnout. Aiesha stresses the importance of seeking personal connections and support, recognizing the value of lived experiences over professional credentials.

Encouraging Communication and Inclusion

Aiesha’s dedication to inclusive education is evident through her stories of assisting parents and their children with special needs. From providing communication tools for nonverbal children to location devices for safety, Aiesha emphasizes the significance of understanding and addressing the individual challenges faced by each child. She highlights the importance of body language as a mode of communication and the responsibilities of parents in supporting their children to improve their social skills.

Inspiration Beyond Words

The conversation takes an introspective turn as Aiesha delves into her own journey of personal growth and the influence it has on her son. She emphasizes the power of leading by example and being an embodiment of the triumph over challenges. Aiesha’s message resonates deeply, as she urges parents and mentors to speak to their children about overcoming obstacles with personal experiences and actions rather than just words.


This episode of “In My Kitchen with Yvonne” unveils extraordinary paths taken by individuals who face challenges head-on, broadening our perspectives on education, inclusivity, and well-being. Aiesha Bailey’s inspiring journey and commitment to empowering others highlight the need for educational innovation and compassionate support for children with special needs. Remember to tune in to Yvonne’s podcast for captivating stories, practical tips, and insights into creating thriving schools and communities.
Remember, change starts with a conversation, and together, we can foster a brighter future for our students and the world they will inherit.
Stay tuned for more episodes of “In My Kitchen with Yvonne” as we continue to bring inspiring stories and tips on well-being in education.

To listen to the full episode, visit Yvonne’s podcast website at [inmykitchenwithyvonne every Thursday].

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