4 Forbidden Self-Care Secrets You Need to Know.

24 October 2023
The Forbidden Self-Care Secrets You Need to Know

Self-Care from Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Empowered Woman.

Habari za asubuhi, Good Morning, my fellow resolute ladies who are pursuing intentional thriving and well-being!
We’re going to discover self-care’s hidden treasures as we go on this journey—secrets that have long been disregarded or even labelled “forbidden.” However, why “forbidden”? Isn’t that a terrific place to start?

Let us first discover what Self-Care Is, In order to comprehend why these self-care routines are “forbidden,” let’s lay some groundwork. The practise of promoting your physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is known as self-care, or ujikita in Swahili. It’s about finding time to refuel and recuperate for oneself in the middle of life’s hectic schedule. The twist is that these secrets have frequently been disregarded or forgotten.

We’re here to dispel the myth that some atypical forms of self-care are “forbidden,” despite the fact that society has frequently persuaded us to feel otherwise.
The Aspect of “Forbidden”: What does it mean to suggest that self-care is “forbidden”? It entails eschewing social mores and limitations. It entails accepting the unusual. It’s a method of prioritising ujikita that, in spite of social expectations, actually speaks to your own unique self. Some self-care techniques are now perceived as unusual, nontraditional, or even weird. We’ll uncover the real power these practises hold today and show you how they can significantly improve your wellbeing.

Secrets of Forbidden Self-Care

  1. Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku (Kutembea kwenye msitu): Picture a practise where you embrace the peace of nature and escape the bustle of the city. Japanese people practise a form of healing called “forest bathing,” or Kutembea kwenye msitu, which is submerging oneself in the forest. It’s about slowing down, reestablishing a connection with nature, and allowing the forest’s healing energy to rejuvenate you—it has nothing to do with fitness or trekking.

    CASE STUDY: Mama Zara’s Comeback (Zara’s Mum’s – in Sahili a mother is highly regarded, and when one becomes a mother they are referred to by this title, so and so’s mother – we shall explore this in a further blog): Despite her high-stress career and determination, Mama Zara felt cut off from her history. She made the decision to explore a neighbouring forest one day. She let herself be carried away by the calm and let the land and trees soothe her. She experienced a deep sense of calm as her tension vanished.

Research has demonstrated that “shinrin-yoku,” or forest bathing, strengthens the immune system, lowers cortisol levels (important for weight loss – we shall come back to this in a future blog), and improves mental clarity.

Science Insight: The Japanese idea of immersing oneself in nature for better health is the origin of forest bathing, which has been the subject of much research. Scientific research has demonstrated that the practise improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.

Actionable Tip: Choose a nearby park or forest and establish a routine visitation schedule. Enjoy a stroll at your own pace, stop to listen to the leaves rustling, and inhale the fresh scents of the forest. It’s an easy practise that has significant advantages.

  1. Cold therapy, or Baridi Matibabu: Also referred to as Tiba ya baridi in Swahili, this unusual practise is actually a well-kept secret. It entails subjecting oneself to low temperatures, usually by taking cold showers or submerging oneself in frigid water.
    • Science Insight: Many cultures have embraced cold therapy, from Russian cold showers to Scandinavian ice baths. It has been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system, enhance circulation, and heighten awareness.
      CASE STUDY: Asha’s Cold Shower Challenge: Asha, an energetic woman yearning for life, took up a 30-day cold shower challenge. It was intimidating at first, but the exercise energised her over time. She reported feeling more upbeat, resilient, and full of energy. Her experience is validated by the science of cold therapy. Cold exposure increases the release of mood-enhancing endorphins, activates brown fat, and burns calories.
  2. Kicheko Ujinga, or Laughter Meditation: Laughter has the ability to cure emotional and physical ailments. It is known as Kicheko ujinga in Swahili, which means “laughter of fools.”
    • CASE STUDY: Safiya’s Laughing Circle: A group of friends and the vivacious Safiya formed a laughter circle. Frequently, they got together for laughter without any particular purpose. After every session, Safiya was overcome with a deep sense of happiness and relaxation. Science supports laughter meditation; it lowers stress hormones, elevates mood, and improves general wellbeing.
    • Science Viewpoint: The idea behind laughter meditation is that it can enhance both mental and physical well-being. Endorphins are released, which improve mood, and stress hormones like cortisol (remember that weight release hormone, we came across earlier) are decreased.
    • Actionable Tip: Set aside some time every day to laugh. Read a humorous book, watch a funny video, or just laugh with friends. I usually try and watch a funny program or film just before bed, and insist my partner not discuss anything from the day that is on his mind, we can do that md morning or lunch time as we go for a walk. It’s an easy practise that makes you happy right away.
  3. Utulivu Kujitoa, or Silence Retreat: In our cacophonous society, silence is frequently disregarded as a valuable asset. A silence retreat, also known as kufanya kazi kimya, involves spending several hours or days in total quiet.
    • CASE STUDY: Amina’s Quiet Comfort: Amina made the decision to go on a quiet retreat in a peaceful cabin in the country. She took comfort in the quiet during her silent journey. Amina had a deep sense of peace after making a new connection with herself. Her experience is supported by science, as studies on silent retreats have demonstrated their ability to lower stress, increase focus, and foster mental clarity.
    • Science Insight: Research has examined the effects of silence retreats on mental health. They enable people to detach from outside noise and find comfort in silence, which lowers stress levels and enhances mental clarity.
    • Actionable Tip: Schedule some time each day for brief moments of quiet. Time spent in silence can bring clarity and calm, whether it’s in the morning, during a break, or right before bed.

We shall go into even greater detail on these “forbidden” self-care secrets in future blog posts in the coming weeks, we’ll be investigating their history, advantages, and useful advice on implementing them into your everyday routine. We’ll talk about how these practises support research on wellbeing and how they can help you even more, as a busy, modern, empowered woman, as you seek to Thrive (KuStawi) with intention.

Overcoming Obstacles: Putting these “forbidden” self-care techniques into practise may present obstacles. Expectations from society frequently lead us away from non-conventional approaches. To give self-care rituals that speak to you priority, you must, nevertheless, overcome these constraints. Accept the unusual and don’t be scared to question accepted wisdom.

The Effect on Welfare: These routines can greatly improve productivity, mental health, and general well-being. We’ll talk about how they affect your life and offer advice on how to prosper consciously.

Next Steps to Take Action: It’s time to move forward now. Accept the “forbidden” self-care techniques that speak to you. Try these techniques out and observe how they improve your life. Enrol in our flourishing community to receive continuous assistance and enable yourself to prosper with purpose.

Remember to schedule a 30-minute consultation with us so we can talk about how we can support you in achieving your goals and improving your well-being. For daily inspiration and advice, follow us on Instagram.

Karibu sana, welcome to a voyage of self-discovery where we will lift the lid on traditional self-care practises and uncover the “forbidden” secrets that will enable you to live intentionally and transform setbacks into amazing victories.


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