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At the teacher’s concierge, we’re dedicated to combating burnout in the education sector. By focusing on supporting teachers, we’re not only enhancing their well-being but also helping schools make the most of their budgets. Our mission is to create a sustainable and thriving educational community that benefits both educators and students. Join us in reshaping the future of education.


You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works

From rejuvenating strategies to dynamic workshops, our offerings cover it all. Whether it’s reigniting the spark in your educators or fostering a culture of resilience, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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Saved six figures:

Believed it was only for one gender? Think again. I'm a male educator, and our school retained teachers, saved on recruitment costs, while teachers improved their self-awareness and achieved better results with less effort using AI.

Ways to Work Together


Unlock your potential with personalized coaching. Gain clarity, well-being, and success in your teaching journey with our expert guidance.


Explore our transformative courses designed for educators. Boost your skills, well-being, and teaching impact with our engaging, practical curriculum.


Book a FREE Strategy Session today. Discover how our tailored solutions can help your school retain teachers, increase results, and reduce workload.

When life hands you challenges, turn them into opportunities and keep inspiring the future, one class at a time!



Online Coaching Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our “Retain and Reignite” Online Coaching Program – a cutting-edge initiative designed to empower school leaders and educators. Accessible from the comfort of your device, this program blends self-paced learning with personalized coaching, providing a comprehensive approach to professional development.

A good fit for you if

Your school aims to retain teachers, improve outcomes, and reduce workload.


Wheel of Life for School Leaders

Unlock the full potential of your school with our Persona System and AI-driven solutions. Elevate teaching, well-being, and results.

Empower your school’s leadership with personalized coaching designed to enhance teacher retention, boost student outcomes, and foster a thriving educational environment.

A good fit for you if

Your school aims to retain teachers, improve outcomes, and reduce workload.



A good fit for you if:

You're a passionate educator seeking personalized support for growth.

Strategy Session

Unlock Potential in 30 Minutes!

Experience a personalised strategy session, delving into challenges faced by your school. Uncover actionable insights and explore how our coaching can propel your leadership and teaching teams to new heights. Book your transformative session now!

Yes, It Really Works

School Leaders Coaching:

“The school leader coaching has truly transformed our school. Our dynamic leaders have gained clarity and direction, which has rippled through our entire staff.”

“Thanks to Yvonne’s guidance, our leaders have navigated complex challenges, enhanced teacher retention, and elevated student results. A game-changer!”

Teacher Coaching:

“Teacher coaching has been a revelation for me. I was feeling overwhelmed, but now I have a clear path and renewed enthusiasm for teaching.”

“Under Yvonne’s guidance, I’ve become a more effective educator. My classroom is thriving, and I’m better equipped to manage stress and prioritize self-care.”

For AI Time Management Toolkit:

“The AI Time Management Toolkit has revolutionised my teaching. I can’t imagine how I managed without it. It’s like having a personal time management assistant.”

“With this toolkit, I’ve reclaimed my evenings and weekends. My teaching persona is optimized, and my students are thriving. An absolute game-changer!








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Ready to Say GoodBye to Burnout? Join us to reignite your passion, improve outcomes, and find balance.