6 Mind Blowing Tools to Revolutionise Your Teaching Routine

5 September 2023

6 Mind-Blowing AI Productivity Hacks You Can’t Afford to Miss!!

Let us Boost Your Classroom Productivity with These AI Hacks!

Dear Fellow Educators,

We hope this email finds you well and excited to enhance your teaching experience. In the latest episode of “In my Kitchen with Yvonne,” we discuss some game-changing AI classroom productivity hacks for teachers and tutors. These tools are designed to save you time, engage your students, and create a truly immersive learning environment. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Classcraft: Transform your classroom into an epic adventure with gamification and AI. This platform helps you manage behavior, enhance engagement, and track student progress seamlessly.
  2. Edpuzzle: Say goodbye to traditional lectures! Edpuzzle is an AI-enhanced video platform that allows you to create interactive lessons, add questions and quizzes, and track student progress. Make learning dynamic and tailored to each student’s needs.
  3. Lumen 5: Create engaging video presentations effortlessly with this AI-powered tool. Simply input your text, and Lumen 5 turns it into visually captivating videos, perfect for visual learners.
  4. OneNote: Simplify your note-taking game with this powerful companion. Organize your notes, convert handwritten text to digital, and even search through your handwritten notes. A must-have for educators.
  5. ClassTime: Say goodbye to hours of grading! ClassTime offers instant grading, analytics, and personalized feedback on quizzes and assignments. Streamline your assessment process and provide valuable insights to your students.

But wait, there’s more! As a bonus, we introduce Quilly, an AI-powered tool that helps you generate questions and assessments from text materials, saving you time and effort. Get ready to create exam questions in a matter of minutes and make your tutoring sessions truly exceptional.

If any of these tools piqued your interest, we would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments section of our podcast episode, or feel free to reach out to us directly. Your feedback is invaluable to us!

Also, don’t forget to check out our customised AI-guided educator productivity toolkit, designed specifically to supercharge your teaching. It includes meticulously crafted suggestions that will save you planning and marking time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your students’ success. Details can be found in the description below.

Thank you for being an avid listener and supporter of “In my Kitchen with Yvonne.” We truly appreciate your support. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to our podcast for more educational insights.

Until next time, let’s show ourselves some TLC and continue to strive for excellence in our classrooms.

Warm regards,



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