Unveiling the Journey: The Birth of The Well-Being Concierge

3 November 2023

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I’m the fourth child and third daughter in my family, born in Nairobi in 1980. I was supposed to be the last addition to our modest home, but I had a knack for defying expectations from the start. Even in my early years, it was clear that I had an almost uncanny ability to manifest my desires.

Throughout primary school, I was chosen as the school prefect, earning consistently high grades and frequently leading the class. In high school, I joined not one, but two school clubs, and it wasn’t long before I was in charge of both. During this period, I decided to try my luck and run for the position of school prefect, secretly hoping to benefit from the special prefect diet. My parents, both of whom worked in middle-income jobs in a third-world country, did everything they could to support my studies, but I was constantly hungry as with a large family the snacks could never stretch to the whole term. To my surprise, I was chosen as the Head Girl.

High school also marked my first exposure to French culture, sparking a lifelong interest. Inspired by the world’s beauty and diversity, I resolved to live abroad one day. Fast forward to the completion of my university degree, and I found myself in the United Kingdom, fulfilling a childhood dream.

My natural gift for manifestation surged to incredible heights upon my arrival in the UK. I started with just Β£100 and managed to secure ownership of two properties within two years. I fell in love, had two beautiful children, started my own business, became a Bob Proctor Life Success Consultant, and carved out a professional career in education. I quickly rose through the ranks to become the head of my department while also working as a supply teacher, earning the same salary as the deputy headteacher. What is the main distinction? I worked fewer hours and was able to leave work at school, allowing me to enjoy my personal life and achieve my goals and greater balance.

My newfound life unfolded in front of me, leading to a variety of adventures, luxurious experiences, and dream fulfilment in areas ranging from travel to luxury hotels, dream cars, and even living in my vision board house. Despite these triumphs, my journey was not without its challenges.

My undeniable manifestation ability was an unintentional gift that led to a rollercoaster ride of experiences. I’ve been through abusive relationships, homelessness, deep debt spirals, resurgences, and falls from financial grace. At one point, the weight of my challenges drove me to the brink of depression, and I even considered suicide.

In this dark hour, I resolved to delve deeply into the patterns that had guided my journey. Why did I soar to such heights only to appear to self-sabotage when everything appeared to be going well? This search for answers led me to ancient African principles and Swahili cultural treasures. The Swahili language provided a rich tapestry of teachings among the wisdom of African ancestors.

As I delved deeper into these cultures’ wisdom, I realised that the success stories of Nelson Mandela, Aliko Dangote, Oprah Winfrey, and a slew of other notable figures shared common threads. Nelson Mandela, a symbol of perseverance, defied the odds to end apartheid and become South Africa’s first black president. Aliko Dangote, Africa’s reputed richest man, overcame adversity to build a multi-industry business empire. Oprah Winfrey rose from a difficult upbringing to become a global media mogul and influential philanthropist.

These success icons exemplified the power of manifestation, embodying African wisdom deeply rooted in their cultures. Nothing is accomplished without time and perseverance, as the Swahili proverb “Mvumilivu hula mbivu” emphasises. Like these icons, I began to see the true power of intention and self-awareness in changing people’s lives.

The Nguzo Method was born out of a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I discovered a way to help individuals manifest their full potential by combining African wisdom with my unwavering resolve to help others conquer life’s challenges with intention.

Join me on an extraordinary journey of empowerment, transformation, and self-fulfillment as we use the Nguzo Method to unlock your true potential. We’ll plant the seeds of intention together, guided by the Swahili proverb “Usipovuna, usipande,” which means “If you do not sow, you will not reap.


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