The Shocking Truth Behind School Closings: Burnout’s Dark Secret Exposed!

4 September 2023
School CLosures

1 2, 3, 4. Good day. Good Diet. Hello. My sick is of knowledge and change agents. It's lovely to have you here today once more. I'm your host and 10 years ago, I became a teacher It was one of the best moments of of my life because my mom had been a teacher before me, but after I've difficult time, my mentor knowing I had been a life success coach and had run various businesses before getting into education. say to me one day, even you struggle so that others would not.

So this was the beginning of a long journey which accumulated in the creation of a spaces and the teachers concierge where we make sure that teachers do not have to work evenings and weekends unless they choose to. We are the teacher's champion. In today's episode, we are confronting a hash reality. We're going to be looking into the issue of call closures that are happening due to burnout. This is indeed a wake up call to educators. So get ready to die deep into the challenges that have led to the unthinkable, which is the closure of schools. Now before we begin today's episode, I'd like to read out something that I found the other day. I found out that the consequences of unchecked burnout are evident in statistics.

Now There's a report by the National Union of Teachers in the Guardian in 2022 that stated that half of all teachers will be gone from the profession in the next 5 years. In the United States alone, an estimated 8% of teachers leave the profession every single year. And this is resulting in a chronic teacher shortage. And the same is felt across a number of developed and developing countries, including the UK where I was a teacher. This shortage is not only affecting the quality of education, but also leading to schools incurring substantial costs. Now schools are spending money on supply teachers in order to fill the gap when teachers are ill, or also when teachers walk out of school without t schools being able to fill their positions, And naturally, students do need safeguards, and therefore, you need somebody in the classroom. But this comes at a cost, and we will explore this course at another episode. Now the really interesting statistics that I want you to know is directly on school closures.


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